Month: April 2022

Why Does my 2 Year Old have an Imaginary Friend?

Why Does my 2 Year Old have an Imaginary Friend?

Meet Bobby: he is approximately 2 inches tall, has grey hair, blue eyes and wears train pajama pants. Bobby likes to run fast and he also like to hide in things – like pillows, snack cups and avocados. He can even go into other people‚Äôs 

Homemade Kinetic Sand for Toddlers

Homemade Kinetic Sand for Toddlers

Homemade kinetic sand is made up of oil, cornstarch and sand. These ingredients turn the sand into a crumbly claylike material. So you can mold kinetic sand similarly to how you can mold wet sand, but it doesn’t have the weight and moisture of wet 

Simple Easter Egg Fillers for Toddlers

Simple Easter Egg Fillers for Toddlers

Easter egg fillers for toddlers can be super simple to put together! In fact, after getting a bag of empty easter eggs at the thrift store for $2, I simply walked around the house and poked through the pantry to find some no fuss fillers.

For young toddlers, the thrill of an easter egg hunt is more about the hunt than it is about the contents of the eggs. Ever buy your toddler an expensive toy, only to watch them toss it aside and go for an old cardboard box instead? Yep, toddlers often find everyday items around the house more interesting than fancy toys and gadgets. 

Simple & Budget Friendly Easter Egg Fillers for Toddlers

So I filled my 2 year old’s easter eggs with his favorite bite size snacks, stickers, flowers, small figurines and small toy cars. 

Here is a full list of some simple easter egg fillers for toddlers;

  • Stickers
  • Pom poms
  • Raspberries or other chopped fruit
  • Raisins
  • Small pictures
  • Circus animal cookies
  • Yogurt Melties
  • Puffs or cheerios
  • Small heart chocolates
  • Small figurines (horses, dinos, etc)
  • Small cars
  • Flowers

easter egg fillers for toddlers

These are just a few ideas to get started. The point is that Easter egg fillers for toddlers don’t have to be complicated or extravagant. One of the most amazing things that toddlers remind us of as adults, is that there is joy and delight to be found in the simple and small things! 

The best gift we can give our toddlers on Easter is spending some time with them. We can simply fill and hide all those little eggs in the yard or around the house, and let them play and have fun finding them.

easter basket with easter eggs and flowers for toddlers

Gathering Toddler Easter Egg Hung Materials

Creating a great holiday for toddlers isn’t about spending a lot of money or putting a ton of time into prep work. While some prep is certainly helpful to make the occasion special, it can be pretty minimal!

For example, thrift stores can be an amazing resource for gathering some fun, inexpensive and environmentally sustainable holiday materials! I found some easter baskets and all of the plastic easter eggs at our local thrift store for a grand total of $5. And all of the fillers were things we had around our house, I made or I picked up at the grocery store.

washing thrift store easter eggs
Washing our thrift store Easter eggs!

Cheers to a Happy Toddler Easter Holiday!

While taking care of toddlers is a ton of work around the clock, luckily they find joy in the simple things in life. So we can just sit back, relax and watch them squeal with delight when they find a pom pom in an easter egg!

Additional ideas to add some zest to a toddler Easter egg hunt include putting on some fun music and blowing bubbles. You can also encourage toddlers to collect small rocks, sticks or leaves if they are doing an outdoor egg hunt.

Happy Easter!

Please say hi and leave a comment below if you have any great ideas for simple easter egg fillers for toddlers!

Pandemic Babies and Their Social Development

Pandemic Babies and Their Social Development

Babies who were born shortly before or after the COVID-19 pandemic are now wild little toddlers! But while completely wild at home, some of them exhibit some social apprehensions. People often use the term “COVID babies” or “pandemic babies” for these kiddos who hide behind