About | Shiny New Parent Blog

About | Shiny New Parent Blog

Greetings! I’m Gussi, and the Shiny New Parent blog is a place for baby and toddler parents to gather and navigate those amazing but challenging early childhood years.

Becoming a Mom

Prior to my son’s birth, I knew very little about babies. I never dreamed of being a mom as a little girl, and even into adulthood wasn’t really sure if I would have kids. At some point though, I realized I actually really wanted to be a mom. And when I fell into a wonderful relationship with my now husband, I knew I was ready. So the journey of parenthood began! I am now a stay at home mom and love my little toddler to pieces. 

The Birth of the Shiny New Parent Blog

When my son was first born, I was always worried I was never doing it “right”. So you can imagine the incessant googling, experimenting and researching that became my life. And to organize all of this information, I decided to start this new parent blog. 

And as I continue to compile and share new posts, I find my confidence growing as a parent as well as my enthusiasm for learning more and more everyday about how to support my son’s development and happiness. I love writing about early childhood development, fun activities to do with kids, food recipes and parenting challenges. 

And I love sharing everything that I have learned! My hope is that it helps make other new parents’ lives easier and more joyful during these exciting, exhausting and memorable years!  


Education: BA Psychology, MA Art Therapy & Counseling
Work Experience: Licensed Massage Therapist, Child & Family Therapist, Residential Trainer